New Studio 2 Performance More Depressing Than An Actual Mill Fire

Sunday saw the close of Studio 2’s latest production Dead Man’s Cell Phone by Sarah Ruhl. The show, about a young woman in a café growing frustrated by the endless ringing of a cell phone and discovering that the owner of the phone is dead, ran from October 18th – 27th, and was directed by Maria Rodriguez-Delgado. As per usual, the viewers of the show, consisting mainly of students who had nothing better to do with their evenings and/or were required to watch the show for extra credit, and the elderly, were given surveys so they could rate their experiences after having seen the production.

We managed to track down Rodriguez-Delgado after the final show and report the polls’ findings.

“It would appear,” said Rodriguez-Delgado, choking back tears, “that 90% of people found the show… depressing.” When asked about the other 10% of people polled, Rodriguez-Delgado answered: “They were asleep.” 

One student who watched Dead Man’s Cell Phone, Jeff Stevens, had this to say regarding the show: “It’s another depressing show in a long line of depressing shows. Between the one a few years back about the woman in an insane asylum, the one about the crazy lady who heard voices in her head, the one about the homeless people, and that one show about an actual mill fire with the dead husbands, and now this show, it seems like Studio 2 needs a Zoloft and a therapist more than they need funding.” At press time, sources reported that Studio 2’s next production, Salem: A Witch Trials Tale, will be a warmer production.