Nick Gets New Haircut

After several days of unfounded reports, sources familiar with the situation confirmed this morning that Nick has indeed gotten a new haircut. Eating from a box of Triscuits on a bench outside of Living Room Theatres, the boyish freshman was sighted sporting a fashionably slick comb-over, having finally retired the bowl cut he had cultivated over the course of nearly two years. Within the hours since its debut, Nick’s fresh hairdo has been met with generally positive reviews among friends and family, especially from his dear old memaw.

“Look how sharp he looks!” said the gleeful septuagenarian. “So handsome, my Nicky. Good, clean-cut boy. Too many boys his age with these ridiculous hairstyles. Hooligans, I say. Kids with mohawks are the reason I sleep with my bedroom door locked at night.”

At press time, Nick surprised the world again by reportedly unveiling a brand new pair of cargo shorts.