Not Even Professor Knows What This Class Is About

According to a recent investigation, FAU science class “The World: A Concept” has gone into complete chaos, as nobody knows what this class is supposed to be about. Students described the class as being “all over the place” with irrelevant topics all strewn together into power points constructed with comic sans and stock images.

“One minute we’re discussing the history of the dinosaurs, and the next we’re talking about the existence of God,” said sophomore philosophy major Katie Dupis. “I thought I was just kinda behind and needed to get my shit together. Nope. Nobody knows what the fuck is going on.”

The professor, 64 year old Ellie Carnahan, reportedly has several degrees in relevant scientific fields, including engineering, neurobiology, and even psychology, and is more than qualified to be instructing this class, yet still is completely lost as to what any of these topics would have to do with each other.

“I totally knew from day 1 that Ms. Carnahan had no idea,” declared junior Brandon Bradenton. “The way she reads word for word off of the power points. It’s totally obvious.”

At press time, Ms. Carnahan and students were seen frantically scrolling through the syllabus on their devices trying to find some sense of structure for the course.