Outtakes Unveils Peppermint Flavored Ramen for Holidays

As the holidays approach, America is continuing its irrepressible love affair with seasonal flavored products. FAU’s one-stop on-campus super-store, Outtakes, has launched their newest “mostly-edible” holiday concoction: Peppermint Ramen. The uniquely paired peppermint and noodle flavor is the newest addition to the Maruchan family, joining other flavors such as pork, beef, chicken, sriracha cardboard, lime chicken, and hot and spicy shrimp. The packaging compares the new microwavable meal to “the salty taste of the beach after leaving your dentist.”

Like a swing state during election year, college students can’t seem to make up their minds regarding this product. For some, this flavor combination is seen as having a two pronged effect. One shopper put it best: “I came here to buy my week’s supply of toothpaste and snacks. With this new Ramen, I can have both in one!”

Others were confused and upset by this holiday-inspired twist on the classic noodle dish. “I’m not offended as someone who doesn’t like the holidays,” claimed one student. “I’m offended as a human.” Despite her clear distaste for the new flavor, it was a mild reaction compared to the people we interviewed at Starbucks a few weeks ago.

This Peppermint Ramen is available now at all Outtakes for the incomparably frugal price of $1.99, which is approximately a quarter of what Outtakes charges for similar FDA-approved Japanese cuisine.