Owls Care To Give Out Free Bedding To Homeless Burrowing Owls

Amidst the prolonged rainy season, Owls Care stated Wednesday that they plan to deliver free bedding to the on-campus Burrowing Owls. Due to the constant rain and local tortoise population steadily encroaching on their nesting grounds, many of the Burrowing Owls are reported to be without homes. “Nobody cares for these owls as I do,” said Owls Care employee Abby Cray. “When I saw that their homes were being flooded, I went directly to my supervisor. She told me that we don’t literally care for owls, but after I explained to her how cute these little birds look, she eventually agreed to help.”

According to an Owls Care representative, students will reportedly be able to assist with the relief effort by visiting the wildlife reserve and laying down dirt with dry grass.

Ecology professor Beverly Jones was elated by the support that the reserve has been receiving. “The amount of love these owls have gotten is unbelievable. I am so thankful for a community that cares so much for the animals on campus.”

At press time, sources reported that the Burrowing Owls were nestling into their new homes, all thanks to Owls Care.