Owlsley Forced To Step Down After Old Problematic Tweets Surface

Multiple screenshots of tweets made by FAU’s beloved mascot, Owlsley, have recently come to light after a student shared screenshots of them on Twitter. Mere hours later, in an incredibly Mean Girls-esque move, hundreds of tweet laden papers were scattered across the Breezeway where students and faculty alike gathered to view and comment on them. 

“This is horrendous,” sophomore Jamie Salazar confided to Hoot correspondents. “I mean, look at some of these. ‘I hate Yamakas. They look like if your head had a nipple. LAME.’ Why would you ever think that’s an okay thing to say?” 

Others are on the side of Owlsley. “He was just joking around,” exclaimed Professor Andrew Guerrera, an old friend of the owl. “It’s not his fault you all don’t understand his sense of humor. Read this one. ‘Wow, this chick must be smuggling ostrich eggs in her bra, because her figure is KILLER.’ He’s just being one of the guys.”

Owlsley himself managed to warble out an apology: a screenshot of Owlsley’s notes app was posted to Twitter. The contents of the note read:

“I know that some of my past statements may have ruffled a few feathers. While I cannot ask you to forgive me, I just want to let you know that I have changed since then. Do I regret what I said? Yes. Will I mess up again? Probably. Let’s just move on. Peace and Love, Owlsley.”