Peeping Tom Disguised As Iguana Caught In IVA Student’s Bathroom

As Halloween edges nearer, it’s not uncommon for us to spot a few eager students donning their Halloween costumes before the holiday. However, a recent report shows that some might be dressing up for far more nefarious reasons.

Stephanie Stepscheister woke up the morning of September 28th expecting a nice warm shower, what she received instead was an ice-cold shock.

“I walked into our shared bathroom,” she told Hoot correspondents in an exclusive interview, I share it with the girl that lives right next to me, and turned on the shower like I normally do to warm it up. Then I notice something in the corner of my eye, a human sized iguana standing in the corner of the bathroom…like squeezed between the toilet and the wall as if that would make him invisible.” Stephanie was the victim of a peeping Tom — someone (usually a Male hence the male gendering of the expression; very possible that the very first account may have been committed by a man named Tom) that secretly spies on another person and usually in a sexually explicit context — as she got ready to shower that morning.

“I actually dismissed it as a 5 foot tall iguana at first, but then I realized I’ve never seen them stand before, that’s when I screamed.” The man disguised as the iguana prefers to remain anonymous so we’ll refer to him as Mark Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg was actually a friend of Stepanie’s roommate, who stayed the night and had concocted the plan 2 months in advance.

“He told me the costume was for his iguana LARPing group, which sounded like something he would do,” his friend, and Stephanie’s roommate, Cassidy told The Hoot.

Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t available for questioning at press time, but we have been informed by campus PD that this isn’t his first incident. Campus PD has also requested we put in a warning for our readers to check their dorm bathrooms for iguanas, because they may in fact be someone in an iguana costume instead.

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