Professor Furious Upon Discovering He And Student Mooched Off Same Quizlet Flashcards

Seething with unbridled resentment as he reviewed his Introduction to Anthropology class’ final exam results, Professor Roderick Walker was furious Monday upon reportedly discovering that he and student Craig Bonney mooched off the same set of Quizlet flashcards. “Can you fucking believe it?” a livid Walker said through gritted teeth. “I mean, does this copycat even realize how long I bust my ass trying to rip some decent exam questions off the Internet? Christ, I must have spent at least an hour flipping through God knows how many pages of Google to settle on those damn flashcards. I even had to pay for Quizlet’s stupid premium service so that I could see the ones that were blocked. Meanwhile, my star student over here isn’t even original enough to change up the wording of the answers to the questions I stole.” At press time, Walker told reporters that he had learned his lesson about using exam questions from Quizlet, stating, “I’m going to Yahoo! Answers from now on.”