Professor Who Copied And Pasted Paragraph About CAPS In Syllabus Given “Most Caring Professor” Award

This past Thursday evening, it was confirmed that Dr. Jane Jameson would be receiving the “Most Caring Professor” award for bravely copying and pasting a pre-written paragraph into her syllabus regarding the Counseling and Psychological Services Center. Many students, especially these days, struggle with balancing their mental health and schoolwork. Professors like Dr. Jameson, often being blamed the most for this struggle, just want their students to know they care.

“I totally understand the struggles these kids are facing,” Claimed Dr. Jameson, who had been in the middle of making a pop quiz for her students. “That’s why I only assign them 200 pages of the textbook and an assignment per class. I want to see these kids succeed stress-free.”

Some of Dr. Jameson’s students tend to disagree with this sentiment. “She preaches so often about CAPS,” complained an anonymous student, “but then she ends up assigning so much homework I have no time to get therapy for it.”

At press time, it has been revealed that professors who require webcams to be on during online lectures will be given the “Most Socially Aware” award.