Recent Graduate Learns Yoga Pants Are Not Acceptable Work Clothes

Recent FAU graduate Debra Oppenstein’s ability to immediately find employment in her field far outmatches her fashion sense. Tuesday morning, after two weeks on the job at NASA, Oppenstein’s supervisors called her in regarding an issue with her apparel. “I like yoga pants, but apparently they’re not okay for work?” the fashion victim told a Hoot reporter.

FAU Sociology professor Jacob Goldman claims Oppenstein is merely facing a “culture shock,” as yoga pants have been normalized into the FAU collective consciousness as acceptable dress for all occasions. “No one ever bothered me about it back in school, but now it’s a big deal, I guess,” Oppenstein noted on the way to her sixteenth visit with her supervisor.

Oppenstein’s job reportedly depends on this, but so far she has not yielded. “What difference does it make? I stay in the observatory, making my calculations, wearing my long lab coat, and yet despite being in proper lab attire — long pants, close-toed shoes — I’m still getting flack!” When asked whether she will eventually give in to her employer’s demand, Debra stated, “If I have to lose my job to protect my basic human rights, I will do it proudly. And I can always go back to living with my parents until I get my feet off the ground again.”