Report: Only 90s Kids Remember Breezeway

Step aside, Tamagotchi: the full-length FAU Breezeway provides 90’s kids a truly wicked blast from the past. The ability to walk straight to class without detouring around it epitomizes 90s nostalgia! Rugrats, denim, and Britney Spears can only retreat so many memories, but the Breezeway defined an era and lifestyle.

The Breezeway once symbolized power, transportation, and mobility on FAU’s campus. In the Summer of 2016, however, construction for a “better” Breezeway began, leaving the past Breezeway behind.

“It was beautiful! I have so many memories of hanging out and getting to class on time. It’s like it was yesterday that the Breezeway was all in one piece,” says freshman Paloma Machado, a true 90s kid born at 11:59 p.m. on December 31st, 1999. Although she had never walked on or even seen the Breezeway before construction, she clearly remembers the full Breezeway. “I still feel the water droplets on my scalp from the leaks. I can still hear the terrifying sound of a longboarder approaching from behind. Good times.”

Now, the Breezeway is a wasteland. A sad reminder of what it once was and what could have been. As if snarky comments about being late from the professor weren’t enough, the Breezeway now guarantees you get to class looking like you walked off the set of Holes. The fenced off, inconvenient, ugly construction site guarantees tardiness, dust, sweat, and exhaustion. This is the only breezeway 2000’s kids know.

“It’s insane. My sister and I are so connected with everything except the Breezeway,” says Machado’s twin brother, Frederic Machado, who was born one minute after her at 12:00 am on January 1st, 2000. He has no recollection of the Breezeway at all, even though they began their secondary education at FAU together. “I almost resent her for it. She has this experience I’ll never understand just because she popped out of my mom one minute earlier.”

The original Breezeway will always be cherished in the hearts of those who are more than 17 years, 2 months, and 22 days old as of publishing time.