Report: Students Spend Class Time Doing Homework For Other Classes

A recent study has revealed that 100% of college students spend the entire duration of their lecture classes doing homework for other classes. Researchers interviewed a random sample of FAU students to gain a better perspective on this newfound report.

“I really learn a lot during my history lectures,” said sophomore Craig Heffley. “Yesterday I read up on how antioxidants affect the body and that antioxidant supplementation may actually be dangerous in certain instances, despite what the media tells us. So interesting!”

Another sophomore, Julie Birges, admitted, “I’m really productive in my Life Science lecture. I get a solid fifty minutes to work on my ENC 1102 essays, so then I can spend the rest of the day stress-free with no homework to weigh me down!”

Around 30% of interviewed students claimed that they regularly spend their lectures rewatching The Office on their phones or laptops as opposed to completing assignments for other classes. Researchers still consider this a mildly productive use of class time, as it reflects a complete mental focus and dedication toward another subject irrelevant to the lecture.

It appears that the key to productivity is realizing and accepting that you’d rather be doing anything else but listening to your professor ramble about the course content. Mental health specialists recommend scheduling an even number of general education courses so that you can rotate the workload and take advantage of the desire to ignore your professor, making every credit hour extremely productive. Regardless of what you devote your attention to, as long as it isn’t the lecturer, you can really get a lot done.