Report: WAC Is Whack

A new report Monday found that Writing Across Curriculum (WAC) courses are indeed fucking whack, citing them as completely arbitrary in construct, selection, and content. One finding revealed that a subject and section chosen to be a WAC course is as random as the requirement for students of all different writing backgrounds to complete the same 15-20 page writing assignments through four WAC courses at random points in their study, regardless of major, as a graduation requirement.

WAC course assignment is reportedly so random, that some students take well over the required four courses by the time they graduate and are forced to write WAC papers for classes even after already having fulfilled the requirement.

“The most important finding is that WAC is whack,” said Arthur Lancaster, an Arts and Letters advisor at FAU. “Now when students come to us complaining they have to write 40 pages of papers when they’re only in two classes, we can reassure them that WAC is whack. We don’t offer enough classes to satisfy all paying, degree-seeking students at the same time, sorry.”

According to the report, a solution for this whack system would be simple: having multiple sections of a subject chosen, with some sections taught as WAC courses and the others not, could easily give students the ability to not only pick which classes to fulfill the requirement, but eliminate unnecessary WAC courses from being taken.

At press time, an anonymous Registrars Office employee issued a statement on the growing WAC is whack sentiment. “We don’t even have enough classes for people to have complete control over their graduation timeline. This WAC movement expects FAU to have more section options? Next thing you know paying students are going to expect readily available parking or something since we’re a commuter school.”