Selfless Individual Changes Subject to Self After Two Minutes of Hearing Friend Vent

Demonstrating a valiant testament to courage and self-sacrifice, local woman Erica Davis reportedly endured an entire two minutes of hearing her friend Angela Beatty vent before finally segueing the topic of the conversation to herself.

“I would have interrupted her sooner, but it was difficult to find a lull in her incessant drivel,” said the intrepid Davis, who for the entirety of Beatty’s brief monologue sat silently, nodding along as she pretended to listen. “It never ceases to amaze me how self-centered people can be. She actually expected me to lend an ear as she expressed tales of petty childhood trauma. It wasn’t until the two-minute mark that I knew if I didn’t somehow insert myself into the discussion, I might never get another chance at it.”

Davis told reporters that once Beatty mentioned her mother’s passing, she seized the moment to abruptly cut her off and unfold a thirty-six minute rant about how much of a massive dick her boyfriend has been lately.