Senior Communication Students Still Don’t Know What The Fuck Rhetoric Is

Despite being nearly four years into their degree, a confused group of senior communication majors realized Friday that they still don’t know what the fuck rhetoric is, multiple sources confirm.

“I took about four different rhetoric classes in the last two or three semesters, and I still don’t know what the subject is,” said Lisette King, a puzzled senior who found solace in the general confusion amongst peers outside the packed Communication and Multimedia Studies office during walk-in hours.

“We have an intro communication course but not rhetoric, because only true communication majors can find within their soul what the definition of rhetoric is. The student becomes a scholar, and the academy smiles,” said Dr.Thomas Sacre, professor of Rhetoric of Rhetorical Rhetoric, a new communications course being introduced next spring.

Dr. Thomas shared his excitement to be unveiling the meta-rhetorical class to students, saying “It’s kind of like Inception, but in Inception, you at least know what a ‘dream’ and ‘idea’ are. I’m teaching from ground zero.”

At press time, an unidentified student reportedly had an outburst after asking advisors for clarification on eight vaguely described rhetoric classes that sounded similar to one another, exclaiming “I just wish our department wasn’t 90 percent theoretical!”