Signs Your Parents Are On Drugs

Drug usage among parents and legal guardians has been on the rise. Do you know all the signs? Check below for some of the subtle phrases and actions that may signify that your parent is abusing substances.

  • If they say, “Don’t leave the cabinet doors open,” don’t be fooled. This is actually modern slang for, “I’ll be picking up a gram of weed tomorrow.”
  • “You’re letting all the cold air out” may seem like a harmless phrase, but it roughly translates to, “Would you like to hotbox my vehicle?”
  • Think grilling up burgers is a harmless task? Think again. This action is usually done in preparation for dropping acid.
  • One of the most commonly spoken phrases between parents is, “Did you catch the game last night?” The only game they’re talking is drugs, as this phrase truly means, “Pass the joint.”
  • Innocent calls for tech support? Not so innocent any more. “Can you help me with the TV? It’s not working” actually means, “I got half a brick of cocaine, and I am ready to party.”
  • Your parents may care about your personal life, but sometimes they just care about drugs. “How was your day, sweetie?” translates to, Got any adderall?”
  • A demand that sounds stern is almost always a desperate attempt to smoke up. “Go to your room!” is a common street term for “I need to get high… now!”