Spooky Halloween Prank: FAU Closes All Parking Except Lot 5

Inspired by their failed attempts to advertise the capacity and reliable shuttle service of Lot 5 due to its considerable distance from most buildings generally relevant to students, FAU Parking and Transportation Services decided Monday that the optimal way to scare students this Halloween would be to close all other lots and garages on campus.

“This is not how I want to celebrate my Halloween,” admitted frustrated student Mikaela Smith. “To their credit, it is pretty terrifying, but I think I’d rather them just hang up paper skeletons in the parking garages or something.”

FAU Parking issued a statement in response to the multitude of student complaints, claiming that it was “just a prank, bro.”

At press time, FAU Parking decorated the parking shuttles by pinning gigantic white drapes over all of the windows to make them look like ghosts. So far, 14 vehicle crashes have been reported due to the now obstructed view of the drivers.