Student Accidentally Sleeps Through Entire Fall Semester

One dedicated student is shocking many across campus by deciding to sleep through the entirety of the fall semester. Like many others, Mario Moschino, a senior at FAU, is both physically and mentally tired of college, but then the idea came to him: what if he just accidentally slept in a bit longer? Nothing crazy, just enough to miss a class or 20. Now, Moschino says his goals have expanded, and he is now hoping to accidentally sleep in long enough to miss the entire semester.

“Just five more minutes?” asked Moschino, who had woken up solely for this interview and nothing else. “What about just the entire fall semester? They can’t penalize me if I didn’t mean to.”

At press time, sources confirmed that if Moschino succeeds, he hopes to continue sleeping for the rest of his life in the hopes of avoiding future responsibility.

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