Student Arrives Twenty Minutes Late to Exam with Wrong Scantron

FAU senior Brian Mays arrived at his Money and Banking exam Friday morning twenty minutes late wielding the wrong colored scantron. While the majority of the class was already a quarter through the exam, Mays had taken a leisurely stroll to purchase the only edition of an SAT-edition red colored scantron.

Witness of the red scantron’s purchase and bookstore employee Marcy Myers shared her input on Mays. “This man walked slowly into the store, took 12 minutes to decide on what color Mountain Dew he wanted, then walked over the counter and asked for a red scantron.” Myers, an employee at the bookstore for over 15 years, had never once seen anyone purchase a red scantron.

Bystanders of Mays’ tardiness were welcomed with a quick swoosh and bang of the door in the once silent room. Almost as if Mays was attempting to distract everyone in the room, the bottom of his longboard hit the corner of each desk on the way to the front right corner seat. As Mays moved down the row, he tripped on almost every single backpack just to sit down and realize everyone else was using a green scantron.

As if Mays’ parade to his seat was not enough of a disruption, students reported he bellowed, “Does anyone have an extra scantron?”

Fellow classmate Wendy Nelson, a sufferer of ADHD, was unable to recover. After half of the class attempted to search for an extra scantron at the bottom of their backpack, or at least pretended to look while knowing they didn’t possess an extra, Mays was offered a crumpled coffee stained emergency scantron. Finally ready to begin his exam, Mays was found about to write his name on his newly-acquired scantron, only to realize he had forgotten his pencil.