Student at a Loss Over Parents’ Continued Use of Term ‘Oriental’

Lana MacNeil, an FAU freshman, has no idea what more she can do to combat her white parents’ use of the word ‘oriental.’ “I have tried everything,” she said, exasperated. “I enrolled them in an Asian sensitivity course, I took them to see Margaret Cho. Hell, I even held an intervention, but they still fucking say ‘oriental!’” Lana went on to say that it’s gotten so bad that she won’t let her parents meet any of her two Asian friends.

Hoot reporters got a chance to go inside the MacNeil home and talk to the family. Mrs. MacNeil seemed to bring up the subject within twenty seconds of our journalists’ entrance. “I just don’t get what’s so bad about calling them what they are. I mean, are we not allowed to say Oriental Express now? Oriental Trading? Oriental-flavored ramen noodles??” At this point, Lana walked out of the room, but she could still be seen through the window beating the ground with her fists while screaming, “WHY?!?!”

Mr. MacNeil, however, seemed to be getting the idea by the end of the visit. “Well, I guess if the chinks don’t want to be called oriental, then we should respect that.”