Student Disappointed Not A Single Fast & Furious Movie On Film Appreciation Syllabus

Visibly becoming more despondent as he painstakingly examined the course syllabus, freshman Jake Sim was utterly disappointed Friday to discover that not a single movie in The Fast and the Furious franchise would be viewed in his Film Appreciation class this semester. “Come on, this has to be a joke, right?” said a deflated Sim, adding that he had registered for Film Appreciation solely for an opportunity to engage in a provocative discussion with his classmates about the rich symbolism and metaphor depicted in Tokyo Drift’s racing scenes. “I’m sorry, but it just isn’t possible to accurately instruct a cinema studies class without including the two core elements of filmmaking: Mustangs and Vin Diesel. Tell me, what can I realistically learn from Citizen Kane, a hundred-year-old movie about some rich fat guy who loves to sled, that I can’t learn from Paul Walker performing an epic bridge jump driving a Skyline GT-R in 2 Fast 2 Furious?I’d be willing to give the professor some credibility if they at least threw one of the Transformers movies in there.” At press time, sources close to Sim confirmed his devastation upon learning that Living Room Theaters is not screening Hobbs & Shaw.