Student Disappointed To Be Living In FAU’s Pre-Glory Days

With the constant construction and new campus organizations just beginning to develop, sophomore Devon Sim, student and aspiring poet, reportedly expressed disappointment Friday that they exist during Florida Atlantic University’s pre-glory days.


“Mother took me out before my time,

born too early, I am on my own.

I hear the construction and chatter on the phone.


they come and they go.

They have an out, lucky that they’ll never know,” Sim said to uncomfortable reporters when

asked about their experience living on campus.


“I learn where I lay and I’m so tired.

New president changing things; last one resigned, almost fired,” Sim went on to say regarding

their current mental state and the recent change in FAU’s administration.


“It’s always darkest before the dawn and I will graduate just before the dawn.

All I can do is shrug and yawn.

FAU high schoolers cry in the night,

I hope that the new student Union treats them all right.

I live within the eggshell but will never see its yolk, hoot-hoot, poke-poke,” Sim concluded.


At press time, it was reported that Sim needs to make the most of their time and engage in the developing campus culture instead of writing God-awful poetry.