Student Goes to Nippers, Accidentally Joins Biker Gang

This past weekend, FAU Junior Ezekiel Bettie, history major, was initiated into the Boca Bangin’ Bikers while enjoying a late night beer at the notorious bar, Nippers.

Bettie initially entered the bar with a small group of friends who instantly started drinking. Before long, though, Bettie felt that bizarre Nippers influence getting to him. Despite being the perfect upper-middle class white man who was the captain of his high school’s polo team, Bettie felt a rebel call in his heart. Just as he turned around with a new beer, he bumped into Florida Frank, founder of the Boca Bangin’ Bikers.

With an unfiltered cigarette hanging from his lips, Florida Frank looked like one of those old dudes who has seen some shit. Bettie instantly became flabbergasted looking at the man, who wore a leather vest, had a deep scar on his forehead, and had a noticeable concealed firearm in his pants. It was then that he knew his days of polo in the Hamptons were over.  “As soon as I saw Florida Frank, I told myself that polo was for wimpy little rich kids,” said Bettie, strapped down in the kitchen as he received a branding of initiation.

Bettie then went and stuck a lit cigarette in the left arm of his former friend, Larry Smith. “Little boy can’t hang over in my bar,” Bettie coldly stated as he mounted the back of Florida Frank’s motorcycle.

Bettie now has plans to ride on his grandfather’s $575,000 antique bike with his gang to North Dakota this summer. At press time, he was seen trailing in the back of the gang, riding on A1A in Deerfield and harassing high schoolers who looked like “wimps.”