Student Leaves Literal Trail of Tears Turning in History Final

Student Emily Bleacher, after nights of procrastination, left a literal Trail of Tears behind her as she turned in her History final.

“I thought that I could just cram for 20 minutes last night and maybe everything would be okay,” said Bleacher, who was still dripping liquid from her tear ducts. “Little did I know that, like the Cherokee Indians’ ‘decision’ to walk along the trail, this test would not be multiple choice.”

Without the ability to bubble in random answers and hope for the best, Emily was heartbroken. As she turned in the exam, her classmates reported that her trail of tears led from her desk, to the professor’s desk, to the door of the classroom, and out into the hallway.

“Honestly, I don’t know what the fuss was about,” said Professor Johnson. “Unlike the Choctaw nation, Emily had four months to prepare for this big event.”

“How am I supposed to read this?!?” he exclaimed, waving around a blue exam notebook that was oozing with the salty liquid.

“I blame my teacher partially,” Bleacher said. “I also blame myself, a little. But mostly, I blame Andrew Jackson for today.”