Student Logs In To MyFAU To Log In To MYFAU

FAU is reportedly cracking down on hackers working to steal students’ Canvas assignments and discussion board posts by requiring students to log in to MyFAU in order to log in to MyFAU. This allows students to access pages like Self Service, their FAU email, and other secondary links safely by forcing them to sign in approximately 17 times. According to close sources, this decision was made by the university’s IT department to ensure that between one page and another, students logging in aren’t becoming Russian bots trying to impede on American democracy.

“Usually, you hear people say better safe than sorry, but this time I want FAU to say sorry for the safety,” lamented senior Abigail Anderson, who developed carpal tunnel after many years of user-unfriendly experiences on the MyFAU web portal. “The pain after one night of using a library computer and having to log in over and over again is indescribable. So much pain just to reopen the Google application that I accidentally closed.”

At press time, FAU released a statement explaining that safety is a priority on campus, and the money going into the server that can support so many logins is directly funded by the money saved from not properly maintaining the emergency blue light stations.