Student Parks In Staff Lot To Impress Girl From Creative Writing Class

On Monday, FAU junior Alex Rey received a $250 parking ticket after he parked his car in the staff parking lot. “So there’s this really hot girl in my creative writing class who is always complaining about the parking situation on campus,” Rey told reporters in a statement. “One of her poems was about falling for a bad boy, and I wanted to show her what a bad boy really is.”

The ambitious junior appeared unphased by the expensive citation and remained confident that Jenna Price, the girl from his class, would be impressed by his efforts. In class, Rey was reportedly giving Price a smug look, causing the entire room to feel uncomfortable, according to student sources. He then shared his poem, maintaining eye contact with Price the entire time. “My Toyota is red. My decal is blue. I parked in the staff lot, just for you.”

“I don’t know why he thought that would impress me,” said a confused Price. “I swapped numbers with him in case I missed a class, but now I think I’m going to pretend that my phone is broken.”