Student Returns With High Hopes For Spring Semester, Drops Every Class

FAU sophomore Rachel Gomez, who previously had high hopes for her fresh start this spring semester, announced Friday that she would be dropping every single one of her classes. While other students seemed to be unsure why her decision to withdraw was necessary, Gomez felt very self-assured about her decision.

“I really thought this would be the one, but it was all getting to be too much,” Gomez recounted as she deleted her schedule off of her calendar. “Math for Liberal Arts is one thing, but Music Appreciation? I could barely handle the thought of another syllabus introduction.”

Although Gomez insisted that her mind was set on the matter, her roommate Lucia Adams remained skeptical. “I honestly thought she was joking,” lamented Adams on her way to a class. “She just came back from class on Thursday and began to drop out of every single class, claiming it was ‘self-care.’”

Student Support Services left minimal comments on the matter, only claiming Gomez “may not know how college works.”

At press time, it was revealed that Gomez had been making a new schedule containing a singular introductory English class.