Student Throws Himself In Front Of FAU Golf Cart To Help Pay Tuition

On Wednesday morning, one exceptionally brave student made the decision to throw himself in front of an FAU golf cart in an attempt to help pay for his expensive tuition. Most, if not all, students can relate to the struggle of having to pay so much for just one class. While many may disagree with this method of payment, student Adam Hall had zero regrets.

“Of course I would do it again,” explained Hall, preparing to go into surgery for a fractured spine. “I may have only been awarded a coupon for a free small Frosty, but it was worth it.”

“I totally understand,” agreed student Joy Smith, standing by the side of the road waiting for a golf cart to pass. “There’s no way I would get my money’s worth out of a textbook about prehistoric artifacts, so I may as well get it back, right?”

At press time, FAU agreed to award Hall a grant of $20K, effectively covering a quarter of his tuition.