Student Tries To Buy Plan B With Flex Bucks

Close sources confirmed Friday that FAU business major Jesse Fouglin frantically scrambled into the Outtakes convenience store in Innovation Village Apartments with his Owl Card in one hand and the other desperately reaching over the checkout counter, reportedly seeking to purchase as much Plan B as he could afford with Flex Bucks.

“I went too hard with that D! Now I need that B!” witnesses reported hearing Fouglin scream from outside of the store. 

After being told by local authorities that Outtakes does not sell Plan B, Fouglin reportedly dropped to his knees with tears forming in his eyes. 

“What about CVS?” Fouglin said. “I’m too young to be a parent! I’ve got childless dreams!”

At press time, Fouglin learned that CVS does not accept Flex Bucks. The sophomore was last seen with his eyes closed, humming softly to himself as he roamed the second floor of the dimly-lit Breezeway toward Owl Care. “All I have is hoot loot and Flex Bucks, and if no one can accept those valid forms of currency, then I just don’t know what I’m supposed to do.”