Student Union Gives Free Weed To Anyone Dressed In Green For 4/20

The Student Union will be giving away free nugs of weed to anyone who shows up dressed in green on 4/20. Requirements to receive a free clump of the devil’s lettuce include wearing an item of green clothing, and an FAU email address.

To promote Going Green For Green, a nationwide campus initiative to preserve the environment, the Student Union proposed that combining the green of 4/20 and the green of recycling would serve as a clever incentive to galvanize students into taking better care of mother nature’s gifts.

The Wendy’s lunch line cannot hold a candle to the line that has formed outside of the Student Union, which extends all the way to UVA. Sources report that some are even referring to this line as a pilgrimage from the pot wasteland to the pot promised land.

“I just saw a really long line and something in my being told me to join,” said Jack Hilcrest, a red-eyed, slow-speaking freshman. “When I found out what the line was for, I knew the Ganja Gods were speaking to me because I already had my weed socks on. I’ll recycle anything if it means I can score some stank dank.”

Weed is running out very quickly, and the Student Union has reached out to notable potheads like Snoop Dog and Miley Cyrus for support of the Going Green For Green initiative.