Student Unsure If It’s Him Or Guy Next To Him Who Reeks

Twenty minutes into his three-hour world literature class, student Jeff Hansen began to notice a foul stench. Uncertain of the source, Hansen discreetly sniffed his shirt, hopeful that the odor was not emanating from him.

The sophomore sat between two other guys who could just as well have been the culprit but was hesitant to place any blame. “I got up three times during that class to test if the stink would follow me,” confessed Hansen, adding that he could not remember if he had smelled the putrid scent in his previous class. “I felt I was going to drive myself to insanity because I couldn’t figure out where that god awful smell was coming from.”

Sources close to Hansen report that he has become obsessed with locating the origin of the odor, and has sat next to a different person every day to narrow down the offender.