Student Who Said ‘I’m About To Blow Up This Bathroom’ Says It Wasn’t A Bomb Threat, He Just Had To Shit

Last week, students received messages from FAU’s Alert System about a possible bomb threat on the Boca campus. The threat was reported when students overheard Lucas Martin in the restroom saying “I’m about to blow up this bathroom.”

“I really fucked up,” the sophomore regretfully stated, adding that when students frantically began to leave the restroom, he thought it was due to the terrible smell he was creating. “I ate three slices of pizza for lunch. I couldn’t hold it anymore and I wanted to give a fair warning to the other people in the bathroom.” After leaving the restroom, Martin was greeted by officers who took him in for questioning.

“I had to shit. Like really bad,” Martin explained to police for hours after the threat took place. He was later forced to release a statement to reassure students that he was not a bomber.

“I am sorry to those I scared with my remark. From now on, I will try to use the restroom before getting to school to ensure an incident like this does not occur again.”