Super Senior Can’t Stop Reminding Everybody It’s His Last Semester

Large group of young students feeling tired during a class at lecture hall.

With the spring term having started, many students are preparing for their last semester at FAU. While excitement is common among these students, super senior Ted Michaels literally can’t shut the fuck up about it.

“I have this kid in two of my classes. He’s reminded everybody it’s his last semester a total of seven times in the first two days of the semester,” junior Chris Bails recounted. “I asked him to borrow a sheet of paper and he said, ‘Sure, I guess since I’m graduating I can spare a few.’ Like, what does that even mean?”

After a minor drop and withdrawing from three classes the previous year, Michaels finally has enough credits to graduate after the spring term. If all goes right, the super senior hopes to use his political science degree to find a job, but only after taking off a year to relieve himself from all of the stress he has endured.