Thanksgiving Somehow Both More And Less Awkward This Year

Reports are coming in that the Thanksgiving holiday was somehow both more and less awkward this year. It seems that the twin attention holding topics of the pandemic and politics are in a nebulous state of debate. This is compounded by the lack of other things to discuss considering the pandemic and the general attitude of sheltering in place. Thus, with virtual family gatherings, vaccines, elections, and bad-WiFi connections on the mind, the holiday was rather complicated. 

“Well, I mean the good thing was that the crazy racist things that Uncle Gary said I already predicted,” said Junior Tamika Flynn. “It was like I could’ve played racist bingo. The good thing was that I had been practicing my rebuttals in the shower for weeks.” 

Others, like Freshman Cecil Gershwin, had a slightly different experience. “I’ve been trying to find a hobby or anything, really, to talk to my parents about,” Cecil told Hoot correspondence. Like many, he was having Thanksgiving with his parents only. “But I realized that I didn’t need something to talk about. Just be myself and be with family.” 

We at the Hoot hope all of you had, at the very least, a decent Thanksgiving, and remember that the European and American colonists were bastards to indigenous Native American Nations.