The Pop Up To Start Serving Ketamine After 4pm

From the ESports Arena to the Pollo Tropical, the 2019-2020 school year has brought many new and exciting places of dining and amusement for FAU students to spend the time they have in between or after classes. The Pop Up, located on the side of the breezeway, and an eatery fairly new to campus, has seemed like merely a replacement for The Burrow, which was the only place where one could purchase alcohol and play Cards Against Humanity on campus before its tragic demolition. Like its predecessor, The Pop Up does serve alcohol after 4pm and recently microdoses of ketamine have been added to the menu.

“Sometimes crackin a cold one with the boys just isn’t enough,” commented Pop Up founder Louis Friend. “We wanted to differentiate ourselves from all of the other watering holes this campus has known before, and offer a stronger, more dangerous sedative for FAU’s students to fill all their existential holes with. It seemed like a smart decision at the time.” 

Like alcohol, The Pop Up asks that all ketamine is to be used under the terrace.