The Word Unprecedented: “Stop Having My Name In All Y’all’s Mouth”

What with everything going on in these unparalleled times, the word “unprecedented” has been thrown around quite often, so much so that many are beginning to comment on the ubiquity of the word in both the media and in popular culture. 

Earlier this week, dedicated Hoot reporters, from the safety of the Confederacy of Separate Apartment’s Covid-Free Bubble, interviewed the word Unprecedented to see what she had to say on the matter. 

“Y’all starting to piss me off,” said the adjective, sipping from a mug of Lipton tea. “Y’all saying ‘this unprecedented,’ and ‘that unprecedented,’ and all that shit. Well, guess what! I’m not any of that. I’m a good adjective with a proper definition, but y’all obviously haven’t cracked the spine of a dictionary in quite some time because I don’t mean any of this ‘unprecedented’ shit. I mean what I mean. I think y’all should be saying the word ‘preventable’ or something else instead of having my name all up in y’all’s mouths.” 

At press time, Unprecedented was seen quoting from both the Merriam-Webster and Oxford English dictionaries what her name means at various news media correspondents