This Just In: FAU To Begin Issuing Fast Passes To Skip The Pollo Tropical Line

Inside sources at the Breezeway Food Court recently revealed that they will soon begin issuing fast passes for a faster line at the Pollo Tropical. Having just opened recently, many students are eager to try food from the Pollo Tropical here at FAU. Too many. In a desperate attempt to keep students coming back, and, with a little help from some Disney interns, FAU introduced their brand new Pollo Tropical fast passes.

“It’s been really helpful with those long lines,” commented sophomore Amanda McKailin, a frequenter of the Food Court. “I saw there was a 120 minute wait time on the MyFAU app, so I got a fast pass and was able to join a 110 minute wait line. Isn’t that fantastic?”

Near the Pollo Tropical, FAU also added a wheelchair accessible line for students with disabilities, as well as a stroller parking for students with young children.

At press time, it was revealed that FAU plans to issue the same type of passes for the lines at Starbucks and the Bookstore. More information soon to follow.