Top 5 Things To Do During Zoom Classes To Ease The Mental Anguish

Let’s get real. We all know Zoom classes aren’t as easy or fun as we had hoped. If things are taking a toll on you, no worries. Here are the top five things we recommend doing during your Zoom classes to ease the mental anguish of learning by yourself at home.

1. Pay Attention

This one is pretty straightforward. Just listen to your professor for once. No? Okay, that’s cool. Didn’t really expect that to work anyway.

2. Research Jobs You Can Get Without a Degree

This college stuff isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, is it? Why don’t you take some time away from focusing on your professor to look up how difficult it really is to get a job without a degree. Surely there’s something out there. Right?

3. Hold Up Your Pet and Wait for Someone to Notice

The best part of being at home while taking classes is your fuzzy friends walking in uninvited. Why not take the opportunity and hold your pet in your arms until someone gives you attention? Hey, maybe your classmates will private message you “cute dog lol!” Or, even better, the professor might ask you to stop distracting the class.

4. Do Some Online Shopping

Focusing on class is for nerds who feel fulfilled with the passion of pursuing their degrees. You, however, are not a nerd and fill the void with an Amazon cart of roughly two hundred dollars worth of things you’ll never use. Go get ‘em, tiger.

5. Cry

We know things are difficult, so you may as well just turn off your camera and just let it all out. Or, better yet, keep the camera on and guilt the professor into giving you a passing grade.

6. (Bonus Tip!) Apply to The Hoot