Top 7 Easiest Ways To Cheat On Your Next Final

These are the top 7 ways to cheat on your next final without getting caught! When all else in this world is failing you, refer to these reliable techniques to get the job done.


1. Behind The Shoulder Peek

This first method is pretty self explanatory. Just sit behind the smartest person you know and silently peer over their shoulder during the exam to find what is hopefully the answer you’re looking for. Despite being the easiest method, this isn’t the most effective way to cheat, as it may be a little obvious if your seat is creaky and someone looks at you. Proceed with caution!

2. The Pencil Drop

The Pencil Drop is a classic, go-to way to cheat. “Accidentally” push your pencil off the edge your desk and utter “oh shit, oops” under your breath so it seems like ur just a fuckin idiot who can’t hold on to his pencil. Then take a quick peek at the nearest paper as you grab your pencil off the floor, and there ya go.

3. The Sneeze

Carry some tissues into class with you and complain to everyone that you’re literally dying. Cough obnoxiously throughout the exam, then once you get to a question you don’t know, take a deep breath and let out your realest, wettest sounding fake sneeze! Sneeze into your elbow in the direction of your most trusted classmate and take a peek as you pretend to sneeze. Add a little sniffle afterwards to confirm with everyone that, yes, you are VERY SICK. Then just copy down as much as you remember from their test. Practicing your sneezes beforehand is strongly suggested so you don’t seem too obvious.

4. The Force

Students utilizing The Force to cheat on finals is more likely than you think! After attending Jedi Training, simply use the force to steal someone’s exam right before they turn it in, then quickly jot down all of their answers. Nobody should really mind the blue glow around the levitating paper floating towards you.

5. The V.R. Headset

Wearing your V.R. headset to your final is the most foolproof way of cheating without getting caught, because it’s very low-key and not obvious at all. Just wear your headset to class and act casual and probably nobody will notice. Project the study guide to the screen inside to use for your answers! If anyone asks what it’s for just say you’re starting a Daft Punk cover band and are testing out the look.

6. The Mind Reading

Stare. Stare really hard at the back of someone’s head. You can do it!

6.66 The Summoning Satan

Another casual way to cheat on your final is to summon Satan. He’s a great guy honestly, just call him up and maybe bribe him with some free lunch after. This dude will show up all invisible n tiny n shit and chill on your shoulder and whisper all the right answers into your ear. This method is especially popular in kindergarten classes, as most young children are actual demons in disguise.

7. The Palm

When in doubt, write it out. Not the most effective method since by the time you finish writing everything out, you’ll probably have it memorized. Honestly, don’t do this. There are much better ways to cheat.


Good luck on your finals!