Top Ten FAU Smells

1. Utility building next to the library

The putrid odor of boiled eggs released in the warm mist. 10/10, wouldn’t smell again.


2. Student Union

The radiating fumes of bodily odor. 9/10, would recommend deodorant.


3. Pond between Arts and Humanities and College of Nursing

The emanation of accumulated algae growth and wet duck feces. 8/10, wouldn’t suggest poop trail.


4. Arts and Letters

The acrid stink of poverty and emotional instability. 7/10, definitely having trouble with FAFSA and advising.


5. College of Business

The smell of daddy’s money. 6/10, would sniff crisp benjies.


6. Library

The traces of dedication and insomnia on the fourth floor. 5/10, would pop addies.


7. Chick-fil-A

The scent of chicken grease and desperation to be rude to a customer. 4/10, wouldn’t bask in fried food aroma.


8. University Village Apartments

The essence of shit, shampoo, and dank marijuana in the hot boxed bathrooms. 3/10, wouldn’t shower there again.


9. Narnia forest between Arts and Letters and Heritage Park

The tang of a suspicious type of tree. 2/10, kind of dank.


10. Food Court

The aroma of the sweet and sour scrotum and noodles bowl from Jow Jing. 1/10, would subject self to this as last resort food option.


Honorable mention: Smokers benches behind General South

The smell of smoke. 11/10 would recommend nicotine patch.