Trust Fund Baby Thinks Financial Aid Is Unfair

With students trying to get their financial aid applications in for the 2019-2020 aid year, some students have come forth with an uneasy feeling about the program itself. “It’s just not fair, honestly,” junior and trust fund baby Josh Gram professed. “Why should they get free money just because they can’t afford college?”

Gram, whose only ever job was walking his neighbor’s dog one summer after getting caught smoking a joint, seemed to be angry at the entire idea of financial aid. When told that students who qualify for aid must keep up a certain academic standing and be full-time every semester in order to keep their reward, the trust fund baby’s response was “How is that my fault?”

“My parents worked hard for their money so I didn’t have to. These kids who are just filling out an application and getting their tuition paid for are never really going to understand the value of a dollar.” Gram, who has been at FAU for five years and is just now being recognized as a junior, has decided to cut back on classes next semester and take more time to find himself.