Undercover Christian Joins Hillel For Free Food

Sources confirmed Friday that Christian student James Williams joined the Hillel of Broward and Palm Beach solely for the free food offered alongside events. Those who regularly attend the on-campus Hillel are known for being naively welcoming and generous to newcomers, causing some students to take advantage of their kindness.

“It’s not my fault,” defended Williams, eating from a handful of latkes. “They invite me to their events, they shove Jewish food in my face… as long as I tuck my cross into my shirt, I’m fine.”

Other students disagreed. “They actually think he’s Jewish,” exclaimed junior Julia Rose. “They gave him a Kippah and he asked if it was a fancy bowl for chips!”

“I’ll have you know I’m pretty engrossed in their, uh, culture. Y’know, mazel tov and all that,” Williams continued.

At press time, Williams had begun going undercover at local Synagogues in hopes of attaining more free food.