University Starts GoFundMe Campaign for Graduating Students

In an incredible display of solidarity, FAU took a portion of Thursday morning’s fall commencement ceremony to announce the launch of a GoFundMe campaign for all graduating students, who will almost certainly remain jobless for the foreseeable future. “We’ve heard your pleas and we have listened!” President Kelly cried out to the cheering crowd.

“Today – on your graduation day – the university wanted to celebrate and thank all of you who thought a degree was enough to get you a job.” According to administration, the goal of this fundraiser is to “pamper these grads a little longer” and help them finance themselves as they deal with the struggles that come with getting a job in today’s tough market.

The GoFundMe page online states there are zero guidelines for students to get in on this deal. “To apply, students should feel like they have no prospects,” President Kelly said. “But even the determined are eligible, as we know they will hit rock bottom soon enough.”

It is not yet known how successful this campaign will be in providing funding to get all the former students on their feet, or whether anyone actually, genuinely cares about donating to help these poor, screwed graduates. For further information regarding this fundraising campaign, go to