Video Capture Student Holds Binge-Watching Party for Entire Season of Business Law Lectures

In a desperate attempt to combat the crushing pressure of being six lectures behind, Junior student Katy Nichols will hold a binge-watching party for all past 6 episodes of BUL 4421. For procrastinators like herself, Nichols’ viewing party will serve as a premiere look into half of the entire class.

After a steep 76% ratings drop following the pilot episode, titled “Syllabus and Ice Breakers,” only the sixth episode of season one, “Midterm Review Lecture,” has seen a ratings bump. Professor Garfield, however, remains hopeful that the end-of-semester binge-watching will allow him to keep his program. Early reviews from nerds who physically attended the classes were promising, with most claiming that “you’re fucked if you try to just watch the review lecture.”

Nichols intends to provide refreshments, including wine flavored bleach for when guests realize they’re fucked and should’ve watched the lectures when they came out, and pints of ice cream for attendees to cry into while they slowly realize they’re going to have to retake BUL 4421 next Spring. “We’re going to need all the comfort food we can afford,” Nichols said. “It’s the only way we’re going to get through twelve hours of outdated hurricane and election references. And don’t even get me started on having to hear that one kid cough by the professor’s microphone every twenty seconds.”

At press time, Nichols gave herself a sneak preview of the seventh episode of season one, titled “Syllabus Change,” which stated that the final exam had been moved to last Thursday.