Waka Flocka Flame to Perform Entire Concert in Walmart $5 Discount Bin

Waka Flocka will be rolling many thing this Wednesday, but most importantly, he’ll be rolling back prices. A leaked FAU SGA itinerary of Wednesday’s concert has revealed that Mr. Flocka will come out on stage in a Walmart $5 discount bin and stay inside the bin for the entirety of the concert. This discount bin will also include Waka Flocka’s entire 3 album discography, various Christmas and Holiday albums by other artists, multiple copies of the Walmart Associate Choir album, and 300 copies of Jerry Maguire.

“We initially found him in the bin scared, alone, begging for spare change, and really high. We had to do something for him,” said SGA president Michael Cairo. “He wouldn’t get out of the bin, so we just planned the entire concert around it.” The SGA wasn’t thrilled about transporting the crate from Waka Flocka’s hometown Walmart in Atlanta, until Mr. Flocka agreed to do the concert in exchange for a single $2 Off Any Album coupon at Walmart. He intends to use the coupon in the hopes of boosting the sales of his 2010 album, “Flockaveli.”

The SGA leak also exposed that Ke$ha and Piff the Magic Dragon were found at the bottom of the same $5 discount bin. Mr. Flocka reportedly also told the concert organization committee to put two coats of paint on the outside of his crate, which will help when he eventually “goes hard in da paint” mid-concert.