Weird Guy In Creative Writing Writes Poem About Boobs Again

Still apparently unable to register feelings of embarrassment, uncomfortable students reported Monday that their weird creative writing classmate once again chose boobs as the theme for his latest poem assignment. “There he goes again,” said junior Arturo Perrone, visibly cringing as he listened to the classroom oddball read aloud yet another sonnet about female breasts to his unsettled peers during poetry workshop. “Like, I’m all for freedom of creative expression or whatever, but there’s gotta be a line, right? Christ, just listen to the way he describes them as ‘tender mounds.’ I would rather sit through another clichéd horror story by that one edgy girl with a gore fetish, or the nerd who writes about talking lightsabers. Wait, did I hear that right? Did he just say ‘happy balloons?’” At press time, close sources confirmed that the pervert had acknowledged the negative feedback from his fellow classmates, and reportedly promised to use vaginas as the inspiration for his next line of work.