Whole Semester Flashes Before Student’s Eyes During 20 Second Refresh Of Canvas Final Grades

After an intense weekend of celebrating the end of spring semester, it was finally the moment that truly counted for junior student Miley Bailey. Early Monday morning, once all final grades had been submitted, an entire semester flashed before Bailey’s eyes as she refreshed her Canvas grades tab for her Financial Management class.

Despite a grueling semester of multiple skipped classes, subpar test grades, and missed extra credit opportunities, a single refresh could destroy any semblance of happiness that Bailey had hoped for. While multiple friends of Bailey expressed excitement over their well-deserved A’s and how easily they got through their classes while sleeping through lectures, the hapless junior set a false sense of security about how she did on the last final in order to enjoyably get through the weekend.

According to those familiar with the situation, Bailey was reported saying, “I couldn’t have done that bad on the final” and “I’m sure there’ll be a curve” as coping mechanisms when asked about how she performed this semester.

Reality eventually settled in when Bailey awoke to a Canvas notification alerting her that grades for her Financial Management class had been finalized. Armed with the courage of a thousand Samurai, Bailey opened her Canvas dashboard and clicked on the grades tab. As the page loaded like a reel to a horror movie, all past mistakes of the semester flashed before Bailey’s mind.

Bailey’s mother, an eyewitness of the account, reported that her daughter entered an exorcist-like state. “She was muttering things like, ‘I never should’ve changed my answer on question 22 of the final’ and ‘I should’ve actually bought the book for this class.’”

Once the page finally loaded, Bailey exhaled a sigh of relief as she realized she had passed her final. The moment of tranquility was cut all too brief when Bailey received an email from her Financial Management professor stating, “Your Canvas final grades are not weighted to the syllabus.”