5 Things To Do Instead Of Paying Attention During Lecture

1. Blast music as loud as possible: This one should be easy. Just throw in a pair of earbuds, turn on the loudest music you can find, and allow everyone within a one-mile radius to hear the muffled yet subtle delicacies of mumble rap over the soothing melodies of moombahton trap.

2. Watch Grey’s Anatomy: Watch the classic, long-running television series Grey’s Anatomy in its entirety! Sure, you could watch basically anything else on Netflix, but what other show could fill you with the absolute guilt of realizing you’re disappointing your parents by getting a liberal arts degree and not becoming a surgeon? Exactly. Now go apologize to your mother.

3. Change your major: Class a bit too difficult to pay attention to? It’s definitely because of your major, and absolutely nothing else. Hop on FAU’s convenient list of majors and check them out! I’m sure that other degree with a slightly different name and hardly different requirements will be vastly different and much easier compared to the one you’re pursuing.

4. Learn how to knit: Pass time in class by learning how to knit! You could knit sweaters, scarves, and even diplomas if you’re not too optimistic. We recommend bringing in a real grandma to teach you.

5. Summon a demon: This is a surefire way to distract yourself from that boring class and delight your surrounding peers! Hey, maybe you could even sic the demon on your professor. You didn’t hear it from us, though.