Breezeway Hosts Windows Movie Maker Firework Spectacular

This Independence Day, the Breezeway will be hosting a Windows Movie Maker firework show found on YouTube from 2008. The video will be projected on a 50-inch pull-down screen that was installed just for the event.

“We put a lot of time and energy into picking the best show for the students and staff of FAU, and we think it’s really going to blow some minds,” said sophomore Carter Hart, who helped put the event together. “We had an around the clock team helping us surf the Internet.”

Many are expected to take part in the spectacle, but attendees who arrive at the event early enough may receive a free used pair of 3D glasses to help make the video’s 240p resolution appear in 360p.

It is still unknown whether the show will begin with the click of a remote or by the tap of a MacBook laptop spacebar. FAU will also reportedly be asking those in the audience to disable their Wi-Fi to avoid any potential lag the video may experience.