Business Major In Sociology Class Has No Idea What Is Going On

Reports are flooding in across campus that midterm exams and midterm grades are in, and many students are unhappy with their mid-semester wake up call. One student, Business major Jeff Musk, just received his midterm grade for Prof. Gabby Casio’s Animals and Society course, and is less than satisfied with the grade. Hoot reporters met with Musk to discuss his poor mood.

“I mean I go to every class,” said Musk, sobbing into his Pollo Tropical. “I just don’t seem to understand what’s going on! Prof. Casio will say some sociology buzzwords like ‘socially constructed’ and ‘positivism,’ and discuss theorists like Plato and Durkheim and Weber when talking about man’s relationship with animals, but I’ve lost the plot. I’m just used to working with ‘real things’ like tax and interest rates, ethics codes, and the Stock Market. Talking about how humans treat our animals just puts a sour feeling in my stomach, and makes me want to go vegan.”

When asked why he, a Business major, is taking Animal’s and Society, a Sociology course, Musk responded by saying, “[I]t seemed like a good elective. Who wouldn’t want to take a 4000 level course outside of their major and their interests? A crazy person wouldn’t want that.” 

At press time, Musk was seen by the closed office door of one of Prof. Casio’s GTAs, scratching at the door with one hand, the other hand clutching a wadded up series of typed sheets, and shouting “why are you penalizing my paper for grammar? This is a fucking sociology class!” The panicked GTA within the office has yet to be heard from.